Just when you thought Treefield Retreat couldn’t offer any more unique features, there is the most stunning entertainment room! This is an incredible room, with so much to do that there is a real risk that your party may not make it to the theme parks after all!

The entertainment room is an incredible 440 square foot room, with ceiling fan and tiled floor – rather than the usual humid concrete games room offered by many!

Featured in the centre of the entertainment room at Treefield Retreat is the huge pool table.

Within this room there is also a magnificent 16 seat theater.  There are 16 wonderful red fold-down theater seats, in a tiered arrangement, together with a beautiful red velvet curtain and matching theater décor.

The theater has a 60” smart TV, with 200+ DVDs.

Wii and Xbox coming soon.


To come - most likely following our next visit in May/June - a unique arcade area - the plan is to include the following type of unique features:
  • an amazing authentic free play arcade game machine, offering hours of retro gaming entertainment as this machine has 60 different games including PacMan and Space Invaders (full list available on request)
  • two free play token-operated slot machines
  • shuffleboard and/or ten-pin bowling table game.